Firm Overview

GreatBridge Consulting, Inc. is a national consulting firm providing expert testimony, valuation and surveys for intellectual property, antitrust, contract and other commercial damage claims. In addition, GreatBridge consults on licensing and valuations of intellectual property.

Founded on the principle of providing consulting services of exceptional quality for our clients, we help law firms and companies bridge the gap between complex economic, financial and survey analyses and clear communication of the relevant facts within those analyses.

Our commitment to quality begins with the careful approach we take when mapping the best strategy for each engagement. We have found that early involvement allows us to help shape our client’s approach to discovery, ultimately enabling us to effectively expound on the economic dimensions of the parties’ actions.

We consider your issues from all sides, and we are passionate about our work. Our product has a reputation for being among the best in the field. This results from ensuring our work is of the highest quality and our experts have absolute confidence when rendering their opinions.

Building on our senior management’s many years of experience in litigation, surveys and strategic consulting, GreatBridge is the culmination of founder Krista Holt’s desire to create a firm with colleagues who have been together for over a decade. As such, our experts bring a wealth of experience to your engagement.

We believe in integrity as a defining factor in engaging with our clients and our employees.

Bringing a fresh approach to our work, we never forget our hallmarks: highest quality work product, value, and responsiveness to client needs.