Management Team

GreatBridge’s team has the resources and experience to handle the unique challenges of your case, regardless of its size or complexity.

Krista F. Holt

President and CEO

Krista F. Holt is the President and CEO of GreatBridge.  She testifies at trial in patent, trademark, survey, trade secret, copyright, false advertising, antitrust, and breach of contract cases on analyses of lost profits, price erosion, determination of reasonable royalties, accounting of defendant’s profits, intellectual property valuations, patent and trademark surveys and marketing. More


Thomas B. Herman

Managing Director

Tom Herman is a Managing Director at GreatBridge Consulting, specializing in the determination of economic damages in intellectual property litigation and other corporate disputes.  Mr. Herman is experienced in developing analyses of intellectual property in support of valuations, reasonable royalty determinations and lost profit calculations for matters involving patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, breach of contract and false advertising claims.  He analyzes accounting, financial, and economic issues related to liability and damages in various types of complex disputes including determinations of lost profits, diminished asset value, the identification of fraudulent transactions, forensic accounting and insolvency analysis.  Mr. Herman is well versed in statistical analysis and has extensive experience in analyzing survey data to support and rebut survey findings. More