GreatBridge experts have been designing surveys in patent, trademark, false advertising, trade secret and class action disputes for over a decade.  We were among the first professionals to design surveys for use in patent cases, and have been designing patent surveys for demand and usage of patented features ever since, making this experience a unique asset to any engagement.  By combining our survey expertise with our economic damages analysis skills and extensive knowledge of intellectual property issues, we provide a thorough understanding of the issues in your case.

GreatBridge has designed and rebutted surveys in both patent and Lanham Act cases.  We design, execute and testify on surveys that measure demand for and usage of patented features as well as surveys that assign consumer economic value to the features under examination.  We also design and testify on trademark surveys that include studies for confusion, genericism, dilution, secondary meaning, fame and false advertising. 

We conduct surveys that stand up to the courts’ established standards for design, execution and analysis.  GreatBridge experts conduct surveys nationally, collecting data online, via telephone interview, mall intercept and mail surveys.

GreatBridge designs and testifies on surveys that complement and integrate with your larger damages case strategy.  Our professionals make sure your survey data is appropriately gathered and statistically analyzed for a supportable damages calculation.

Patent Surveys:

Consumer Opinions
Intent to Purchase
Inducement to Infringe
Value of Accused Features

Lanham Act Surveys:

Secondary Meaning
False Advertising
Product and Package Labels
Unfair Competition

Other Litigation Surveys:

Antitrust Disputes
Breach of Contract
Licensing Disputes
Class Action
Trade Secret